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Self-Ignition Stainless Steel Head MAPP Gas Torch 360° Swivel

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  • 360° SWIVEL| Flexible flame direction for different applications
  • Stainless Steel Head
  • Suited for 14.1-16oz cylinder, connection of CGA600(1"-20UNEF) 1.5meters (5ft) hose, EN559 conformity

Braze welding torch with self ignition, high quality.
Compare with brass, Stainless steel head has a heigher melting point than brass, it is more reliable for long time use.
We test brass torch and stainless steel torch, after long time use (small flame will burn the head while large flame won’t) the brass head is broken as shown in the picture, the stainless steel still works, just become black.

Material: Stainless Steel
Temperature: 1700 Celsius Degree.
Stainless steel head has a higher melting point than brass, it is more reliable
Suited for 14.1-16oz cylinder, connection of CGA600(1"-20UNEF)
Package Contents:
1xFlame Gun. 

Customer Reviews

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Juan jose


salvador campos
Great product, heat it creates I move smooth, soldering thank you


Rene Garcia
Buena calidad, Buen precio!!

Calidad, precio

strange design, but seems to work well

This is a slightly unusual torch design. I have never used one quite like it before, but it does seem to work well in the right applications at least.

The stainless steel nozzle glows orange hot for about an inch at the end when operated normally, but the rest of the tube is cooled by the gas flow so it won't melt the plastic.

The torch is a bit loud as well, due to the higher velocity jet it produces compared to most hand torches.

The angle can be pivoted so that you can use it hands-free for heating something while doing focused work with another heat source and brazing/soldering alloy.

It seems to get things hotter in the focused jet than my other similarly sized torches do, though the jet is also somewhat narrower.

No problems with the ignitor yet.

Did melt a little of the plastic from radiative heat coming off a very large heated workpiece, ding one star for that for possible safety concerns, but it seems fine so far at least.


Muy bueno para el precio