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MAPP Torch With Handle And Ignition

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  • SELF-IGNITION| It has an ignition (red button) so that you don't need an extra flame starter
  • HANDLE DESIGN| It is comfort to long time work
  • BRASS MADE| Made by brass, solid and reliable

The nozzle is made by brass and the handle is made by flame-retardant plastic. 

It is reliable equipment for you. 

Weight: 250g/0.55lb

Fueled by: MAPP/Propane(as shown in the picture)

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Best torch at this price, hands down!

The brass torch most of us have been buying for a while (the one with the screen at the tip) has been a great torch, especially at it's price. This newer torch is pretty much the same besides the handle, electronic start, and a few other minor changes, but what made the real difference is the new tip. The new tip has taken this from an already good torch to a seriously great torch. The flame can be bushy or tight, depending on how you set it, and the length has increased dramatically. Since the new tip is not screen, the flame will be consistent, and never deviate from it's center point. This is great torch, you won't be disappointed.

james farr
It is a little difficult to adapt to the container.

For an all-around heating torch.

Decent buy.

This torch is a beast, with a huge flame. Everything was in working order valve and igniter both worked correctly. Great buy for the $$$ My only real complaint would be the position of the igniter, eventually that will cause problems with the ignition system.

Amazon Customer
Very strong flame

Very strong flame that large enough to work on large items to get heated.

Victor Allen
Hot Home Security Is Here!

This flamethrower is cleverly disguised as a propane torch. Simply modify the volume of gas output and keep by your front door or anywhere you need in case of an intruder. Works wonders on spiders, roaches, religious solicitors of all denominations (except Satanists, it turns out. Use of this device tends to attract them.), and burglars. Plus it is small enough that it can fit in your purse.