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3 Tips Propane Torch Bunsen Burner 2 in 1

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It is not only a bunsen burner but also a torch.

  • 3 TIPS| It have3 tips to get different flames as shown in the picture for different purposes
  • UNIVERSAL HEAD| This Bunsen Burner can keep heating at a fixed angle
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE| 7-9.8 inches for your different needs
  • MULTIPLE FLAME STYLE| It has many kinds of flame as shown in the picture for a different purpose
  • SAFETY| It has a 17.7-inch hose, and the gas tank is away from the burner, much safer
  • DISPOSABLE| It is fueled by an 8.1-16 oz disposable propane tank, you can use it anywhere you want

Revolutionary Bunsen burners are totally different from traditional Bunsen Burner.

Convenient for lab, jewelry, glasswork, and so on.

High strength made by Brass so that can suffer high-temperature pressure regulated flame.

It can change the amount of oxygen and gas at the same time which means you can adjust both the shape and the size of the flame!

You can see the detail in the picture. While you use the low oxygen, it can be used in the lab instead of the alcohol burner.

It won't be burned or even used for a long time.

A propane tank is not included.

1. It has different sizes and shapes of flame that can fit your different needs. Just as shown in the picture.

2. The head is adjustable, with this function, you can heat items at a stable angle.

3. The height of the burner is also adjustable.

It is fueled by propane, notice that the propane tank is not included,

(8.1-16 oz propane tank, with CGA 600 RH bushing type), you can ask us about it if you are not sure, This propane tank is common for camping or cooking.

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