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3 In 1 Propane Gas Refill Adapter For MAPP/Propane/Butane/Isobutane Cylinder

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  • 3 in 1| It can refill liquid propane from the 20 lb steel propane tank to empty butane, ISO propane, propane, and MAPP cylinder
  • BRASS MADE| Solid and good quality
  • POCKETABLE SIZE| Small size with muti-function, you can take it anywhere
  • Hyaline hose to see the liquid propane flow to the empty cylinder, and with the hose, you can put the cylinder on the scales to measure if it is full

It is a money saver for you!!! With it, you can refill butane, ISO propane, propane cylinder, you can reuse the cylinder, no need to buy them again.

The traditional gas fill adapter is just a converter, and you don't know if the gas is flowing to the cylinder. You don't know if the cylinder is full ether. But with this propane gas refill adapter, you can see the propane flowing to measure if it works. Also, you can put it on a scale to measure if it is full. 

Moreover, it can refill not only propane cylinder but also butane, ISO propane, as shown in the picture.

Material: Brass
Package Included: Refill kit x1, Converter x2

Customer Reviews

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Saves money!

Love all the different butane bottles I can refill. This product works great! Saves you money! Definitely a great product!

Save money!

The thing that I like is that the Coupler is made from bronze and is easy to adapt without much effort.
You can use this in a standard 5lb propane tank and when doing your own refills in a large well ventialled
area with no ignition sources present, You can easily fill 3 or 4 or even 5 bottles with ease.
Included are adapters so that you can also use the standard 1lb propane bottles.
For 1lb Propane Bottles, It's better when they are completely empty. Listen for the sound of the gas
It's suttle, But when It stops it should be filled to equal or more than 1 lb. of propane.

You could also use some needle nose plier to prime the 1lb tank to allow more liquid to be filled.
( please use PPE and only outdoors away from Ignition sources.)

Handy but it is very fragile

It's handy to be able to refill the 1lb tanks. But it is very fragile it had many leaks. I had to tighten all the parts and put a new tube on it. Now it works as it should.

Timothy Theriot
Good seller

Used for filling small butane bottles